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Casström develops high quality knives and outdoor equipment with an individual style of solid craftsmanship. With this focus Casström has quickly become one of Scandinavia’s leading brands of knives for bushcraft, hunting and outdoor activities.

A strong 39mm wide handmade belt from Caström in 4mm thick vegetable tanned leather developed to last for the most challenging wilderness adventures.
Here's a nice accessory for your belt that is also a practical addition to your outdoor kit. The Casström possibles pouch is a leather belt pouch that can hold a…
Casström's No.3 Dangler XL with extra-wide belt loop (6.3 cm) is an accessory to let your knife hang further down from the waist, dangle freely so that you can move…
Protect and weatherproof your leather sheaths, pouches and holsters with this specialised leather wax from Casström Sweden.
Casström Lars Fält Slip Joint is a very sturdy, non-locking folding knife.