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 Sheath making foam 20x30 cm / 25mm
This Kydex/Concealex sheath making foam is perfect for precision forming your heated material to...
Drill HSS, 6,3 mm (1/4")
HSS drill 6,3x101 mm for 1/4" rivets and eyelets
Eyelet Black 10x6,5mm / 10 pcs
Total length 10.7 mm Large diameter 9.8 mm Cyl diam 6.3 mm Snap setter 1/4 Kydex stacked up to 8...
Eyelet Black 6x6,5 mm/10 pcs
Total length 6 mm Large diameter 10 mm Hole 5.5 mm Snap setter 1/4 For two to three Kydex layers...
Sheath making foam Pro - 20x30 cm / 25mm
Pro Form thermoform molding foam is a newly developed Sheath and Holster making product from...
Snap setter for 1/4 eylets nr 8
With this tool and a hammer you can set the eylets in place.