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Beewax 110 g
Beewax 110g
camauba wax 110 g
Carnauba Wax 110 g
Camauba wax 60 g
Carnauba Wax 60 g
Edge Wax 20 g
ROC Edge Wax 20g.
Fiebings Carnauba Cream / Neutral
Vax finnish that gives a hard surface coating that repels water and protects. 118ml g
Leather oil Gold Quality
Gold quality Leather oil 250 ml.
Leather wax Gold Quality
Leather wax from Danish producer Gold Quality.
Renaissance wax 60 ml
An extra-ordinary wax/polish. Restore, refresh and protect your antiques, cutlery, furniture,...
Tandy Pure Neatsfoot oil 130 ml
Pure Neatsfoot oil is a natural preservativ for all smooth leather articles subjected to rugged...