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Trekkers Little Helper "Forsberg" Hultafors
The Forsberg is a versatile and useful companion for anyone who appreciates being in the wild. It...
Hultafors Axe Grinding Stone
With the grinding stone you can easily and securely grind your axe whereever you are. The...
Hultafors Premium Ekelund Hunting Axe
With its ground neck and medium-weight head, Ekelun is ideal for easier forestry work as well as...
Hultafors Premium Ågelsjön Mini Hatchet
With its short handle and lightweight, Ågelsjön Mini Hatchet makes the perfect outdoor companion,...
Hultafors Premium Hultån Hatchet
Because of its versiality and light weight, Hultån has become a best seller. The hatchet is hand...
Hultafors Premium Åby Forest Axe
Åby has a straighter edge and grinding and a good finger notch below the head for increased...
Hultafors Premium Hult Splitting Axe
The shape of the head, combined with slightly convex grinding, splits the wood. The Hult axe has...
Hultafors Premium Wetterhall Throwing Axe
This kind of double bit axe was orginally used by lumberjacks, who benefitted from the...
Hultafors Premium Stålberg Carpenter Axe
The finger notch in the axe head allows a grip where your hand is place almost straight above the...