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Sandvik steel

The EKA product range comprises several product families. Most knives have blades made from stainless steel. Some models are available with blades of black finished carbon steel.
Sandvik 12C27 is the denomination of the stainless steel used in EKA blades. It is a Swedish steel developed by the Sandvik Corporation specifically for knives and surgical instruments.

The knife blades are hardened to 57 - 59 RC to achieve a durable edge that keeps it sharpness. Comparable tests have shown EKA knives to keep the edge sharpness better than most other leading brand knives.

To sharpen the edge we recommend the EKA sharpening steels or UniSharp, Sanson and MiniBlitz sharpeners. Honing is best done with a ceramic stone.

Most EKA folding knives have the blade secured with a screw than can be adjusted to trim the motion of the blade. The knives can also be dissambled for cleaning.